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Bobby Andrews


Bobby Hakvoort, also known as Bobby Andrews, interest in music grew from a young age, so therefore it was no surprise that he bought his own turntables in 2009. From there he started to build up his own vinyl collection and played at several venues in and around Amsterdam. Influenced by a broad scale of music such as Drum & Bass, Hiphop and Jazz, his style can be defined as a refined selection of layers and dimensions of melody combined with a pure Deep House and Techno groove. 

Crockett Science

Our Amsterdam resident Nick Crockett aka Crockett Science has always had a keen ear for electronic music.  His knowledge built up over many years of listening to and collecting music that landed him the job of setting up, running the A&R for Secret Cinema’s Gem Records and Loveland Recordings. After playing techno at various parties including Gem Sessions, 12 inch City, Rainbow Serpent and a residency at Digital Lounge he has now started re-inventing himself to play a more relaxed and experimental variety of music under his new alias Crockett Science. Expect everything from soulful dusty records through disco to house and anything new he discovers working with music 24/7. 

Kristina Dolgova


Born and raised in Russia, Kristina Dolgova plays House, Techno, Disco and anything in between. Her intensive love for music has already taken her to Singapore, Bali, Holland and Ibiza As W Amsterdam’s Music Curator, Kristina Dolgova will be mixing the local scene up by devising an extensive line-up of the most-talked about acts and DJ creating unique happenings.   

Planty Herbs

Planty Herbs is all about organic beats, created in the studio within his natural habitat. A haven to let loose on his creativity using an excessive amount of analogue equipment. Where Hip-hop was his past cup of tea, he now mostly enjoys a good glass half full of Disco, Funk, Soul and groovy House.

Tijn Benedek

Amsterdam based DJ Tijn Benedek is a versatile creative, this shines through in the genre of music he plays.  A devoted vinyl collector who invites his audience to go further than the feeling of euphoria. Maybe it’s because of his warm beats in combination with the drive to create an explosion on the dance floor. This will force you to listen deeper to the music he plays. Disco and Folk music from the 60’s and 70’s has taking him where he now is, creating an old-school Chicago / Detroit sound. Take a musical journey through his collection of  HipHop, Soul, Funk or Afrobeat.


One of the best kept secrets from the Amsterdam underground dance scene, DJ/Remixer/Producer Carlito is well-known for his multi genre style for over 28 years already. Expect to hear the elements of soul, disco, R&B and Hip Hop on his DJ set. His mission is to combine music styles with excellent & energetic mixing skills to create an atmosphere where everyone can relate too

Bas White

His love for soul, jazz, funk and their corresponding groove were embodied in some pieces of house music started in the late 90s. From 2002 Bas White combined his huge passion for house music with playing music in the Amsterdam entertainment scene. As a DJ now, Bas White is musically involved in some well known places in Amsterdam and Ibiza. "Music.. the magical mood changer, no matter what age we are.”

DJ Lady Deep


Amsterdam-based (Deep) House DJ and producer Lady Deep is someone who connects the dots between a variety of sounds, styles and scenes with ease. Her roots stem from disco (New York Studio 54/  Larry Levan Paradise Garage sound), soul, funk, jazz to underground (Chicago) house (Frankie Knuckles) with a twist of Detroit techno (Jeff Mills, Derrick Carter). Lady Deep is a known name in the underground house scene in Holland and abroad for more than 20 years. In September '015 she created DJ Lady Deep she intends to take you on a musical quest to fulfill her need to arouse your feelings of bliss, love and unrestrained sensations on dance floors around the world.

She has performed in Capetown, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Ibiza to Miami South Beach and will be in Asia in ‘016.Currently featured in the KLM Dutch DJ's in-flight music channel on all international flights and is music curator for the Hoxton in Amsterdam.

Smooth Talkin

Manuel Zeeman, aka Smooth Talkin, is a dutch-portuguese hybrid residing in Amsterdam who, among a whole set of creative activities, has also been a Dj in the active for about 15 years. His double nationality, wide range of occupations (also a designer, visual artist and photographer) and relentless curiosity often come together in colorful, moving dj sets, mixing and exploring genres that go from soul, hip-hop, afrobeat to funk, disco, house, deep house and deep techno. They reflect more than 20 years of a very personal and almost obsessive relationship with music on all its shapes and moods.

And so is his experience behind the turntables.

From festivals such as Lowlands to beach clubs in Portugal and Spain, from techno clubs to jazz halls, he's had a taste of most things revolving music in all its settings. Berlin, Amsterdam, Seville, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Hamburg, are some of the places his record bag has taken him, and where he left behind the image of a dj with a very positive and clear view of what it is to be deeply in love with music while still having a foot on the dance floor.